Are you tired of incompetent Tucson House cleaning companies? That era is coming to an end. Flat Rate Maids Company is here to provide you with premium house cleaning services. We have a reputation for being the best move in/move out cleaning services in Tucson.

Here’s why we are the best;

  • Experience

Our exclusive experience in house cleaning has endeared us to many homeowners. The worst thing you can do is work with inexperienced Tucson maid service teams. You will not only have to pay for low-quality work but leave you more stressed. Flat rate maids thrive on ensuring that our experience in this field adds value to our customers. We ensure that we handle your needs with extreme care to avoid damages and make your life more comfortable.

  • Trustworthy

This is perhaps what keeps us ahead of the rest of Tucson house cleaning companies. We have always been very attentive to our recruitment process to ensure that our credibility is reputable. Integrity is one of our greatest strengths which is why we are very popular .We understand that no one likes to lose something they value as a result of questionable characters. With us, you no longer have to worry about losing your favorite jewelry.

  • Tools and Equipment

Unlike many Tucson vacation rental cleaning services, we have invested heavily in the right tools and equipment. When you are hiring a cleaning team, you obviously want quality services. A noisy vacuum cleaner would not be part of quality service but disruptive to your ears. Our equipment is well maintained and serviced to ensure that our customers’ needs are sorted out effectively. We have advanced tools to deal with unpleasant stains without damaging your stuff.

  • Professionalism

Our team members are known for their professionalism. You do not have to worry about punctuality, work ethics, and communication skills among others when you contract us to attend to your cleaning needs. We thrive on beating set deadlines within the customers set time effectively.

  • Customized Customer Service

Flat rate Maids is a customer oriented house cleaning company. We focus our efforts on ensuring that our clients are happy with the services we provide. All of our staff members are disciplined, respectful and dedicated to satisfying our customer’s special needs.

  • Quality of Work

We focus on providing premium cleaning services to our customers. Consequently, we have invested in highly skilled and talented team members to facilitate high-quality services. With us, you can rest assured that your money and trust are not taken for granted.


Consider contacting Flat rate maids for your next house cleaning date and you won’t regret making that decision.

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