Vacation Rental Cleaning

Tucson Vacation Rental Cleaning

When you own a vacation rental that sees a consistent flow of tenants, making sure that it’s maintained should be your number one priority. Vacation rentals tend to be extensive properties with complex layouts that require a lot of time to clean and sanitize thoroughly. With a busy schedule, finding time to clean your vacation rental can be nearly impossible, so hiring a professional maid service to help is your best option.

At Flat Rate Maids, we have over 15 years of experience in the home cleaning industry, enabling us to handle virtually any request that our clients may have. With our assistance, you’ll never have to worry about cleaning your vacation rental again.

Comprehensive Cleanings & Visible Results

We offer one-time cleanings, or we can arrange for scheduled cleanings.  Depending on your needs as it relates to keeping your property clean, these scheduling options allow you to maintain your property and keep your tenants’ satisfaction while saving money. Our maids are highly trained and experienced; they know how to spot even the most hidden dirt spots throughout your vacation home to boost indoor quality.

Our cleaning specialists use eco-friendly products that don’t leave behind any harmful by-products to protect the well-being of your tenants. Our vacation rental cleaning services go far beyond merely sanitizing your property, we also:

  • Replace personal hygiene products
  • Towel washing
  • Bedsheet cleaning
  • And more!

These extra services aren’t included in our standard pricing and come at an additional cost. To learn more about pricing for service add-ons, contact us before scheduling your appointment.

We offer special discount rates for our clients who are interested in booking weekly cleaning appointments. By performing weekly cleanings on your property, you can reduce the amount of clutter that is left from each tenant after their stay. This would allow you to streamline your rental process leading to a possibility of higher profits.

Once our team is done cleaning, your vacation rental will be clean from top to bottom. A clean environment leads to enhances tenants’ mood, well-being, and health, which are all things that you should value.  

Dedicated Service

Our vacation rental cleaning services are affordably priced. If you would like to receive a free quote, fill out the contact and one of our team members will reach out to you.

We are dedicated to providing you with reliable cleaning assistance that addresses all of your main concerns. Our specialized team of maids are capable of handling personalized requests to ensure we satisfy our client’s specific needs.

There’s no reason for your vacation rental property to look a mess when you can hire us to keep it in pristine condition. Don’t waste any more time and start giving your tenants the full living experience they deserve today.