Spring cleaning is an exercise of carrying out heavy duty cleaning. It is my joy to share with you amazing tips and suggestions for getting things done uniquely in your home. This post will provide with you with ideas to do spring cleaning even if you might not be doing the whole home spring clean, but you may want to do a few essential tasks.

To carry out spring cleaning, make sure you have your cleaning appliances and in sufficient quantities. To do the task effectively, group your tasks by area of your home and thoroughly clean them up. This makes the exercise very easy.

Cleaning Whole Home

This involves cleaning walls, carpet, windows, and blinds. For the walls use a microfiber attached to a long-handled duster to dust or wipe. Carpets are best cleaned using vacuum cleaner which you can purchase or hire. The windows can be cleaned with soft cloths while the blinds will be better to use blind duster tools or a vacuum cleaner.

Living Areas

Here’s where the furniture and electronics are. First, wipe larger crumbs which could be on the furniture. Different materials require different techniques, and it is advisable to check with the manufacturer what they recommend to use for cleaning. Leather can just be wiped with soapy water but upholstered, and microfiber furniture may need different cleaning kits. Electronics are sensitive, switch off before, and it’s also essential to check directions from manufacturers manual. However, you can use alcohol wipe with microfiber cloths and carefully wipe without damaging any of the devices.


To clean your kitchen appliances in a short period make sure you have your cleaning supplies in place and start with one appliance after another. For an oven, if it is self-cleaning run the option. If not use a degreaser and wash it clean after a minute. For most of the appliances, you can clean with non-toxic cleaner and water or use a bowl of hot lemon water heated for three to five minutes and let the steam do the magic.

Bedroom and Bathroom

Mattress requires little maintenance, and you can rotate or flip it over to distribute the foam evenly. Vacuum the bed and/or use a stain remover to remove dust and dust mites. Pillows can best be washed with a cleaner but don’t dry them. In the bathroom do a quick counter daily, and you can use scrubbing powder, microfiber cloths and disinfecting water.

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