Do you always have a knack for recycling? Then here are smart ways to achieve a grotesque impact. Often, we wonder what we can do with used stuff like egg cartons; old newspapers name- the list is long; we can do numerous exemplary things. We can use the following  in a variety of ways:

  1. Egg cartons

What would one do with egg cartons? After using your eggs, the compartmentalized spaces used for storing eggs are perfect for seed starters, candle makers, paint palettes and saving round and fragile objects like a golf ball. One can also use them for packing peanuts.  You can also use the cartons to start a fire in your fireplace or a campfire.

  1. Old newspapers

Reusing a waste material in its authentic form is a means to conserve resources. For instance, one can make a fantastic wastepaper basket from old newspapers

  1. Milk cartons

One can make a wallet from recycled milk cartons. A simple and creative way to make a purse.  Have few folds and a snip of the scissors, and you create your wallet. Use different colors to achieve a unique kind. You need your hands, scissors, tape, and a stapler. Open the carton, flatten it out, cut, tape the cut sides, staple and apply adhesive strips. After the simple steps, you will be holding your craft of a wallet.

  1. Nail polish

If you have some super glue stuck on your fingers, have a friend or a family member get you some nail polish and a paper towel.  Pour some nail polish on the paper towel and wipe away the super glue. Nail polish will remove super glue from skin, plastic, glass and can remove color when used on some fabrics.

  1. Outdated business cards

When we change our jobs, we have lots of business cards. By choosing to go green reuse them uniquely:

  • Use the cards as cue cards for example, when giving a speech or a presentation
  • Use business cards as gift tags. Have the printed side down then glue or tape one on a gift and then write the name of the of the owner on the blank side.
  • Use them as bookmarks.
  • Use business cards to make a compact grocery list

You have no reason to invest in expensive household products to make life simple; go green.

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