Cleaning a house or a home is one thing and being organized is another. Of a home to be considered clean, it needs to be organized. We tend to organize and get in order things that can be seen. But we forget to arrange and organize the cleaning agents, the equipment and the tools we use in the cleaning process. You cannot say that your house is well-organized if your cleaning tools and equipment are not kept in a proper place. So, today am going to show you what is in my cleaning closet so that you can have an idea on how to organize your cleaning closet or where you store your cleaning tools, agents, and equipment.

Glass jars

I use glass jars for organizing and containing small items that can fit in the glass jars. I keep scrub brushes, wood clothespin, bars of castile soap and any other small item that I use for cleaning.

Large ball jars

I keep my DIY ingredients like baking soda, washing soda, vinegar, rubbing alcohol, hydrogen peroxide and powders in large ball jars.

Empty spray bottles

There are those moments when you require a small sprayer or a spray bottle in your hand when cleaning. It makes it easier for you to clean or wipe surfaces. You need to have at least one or two spray bottles in your closet.

Pre-mixed cleaners

You can make your own DIY mixed cleaners or buy those that are already pre-mixed. The pre-mixed ones are easy to use because they do not take up your precious time while you try to mix them.

Microfiber cleaning cloths

Cleaning surfaces with microfiber pieces of clothes leave them clean and without fluff. They are ideal for cleaning glass surfaces and those smooth kitchen surfaces.

Flour sack towels

These towels are perfect for cleaning glass surfaces, the windows, for drying the dishes and even for wiping the TV set. They dry pretty fast, and they are handy. Ensure that you have at least three to four pieces of these towels in your cleaning closet.

Floor cleaning tools

You can also include your floor cleaning tools in the cleaning closet. This is if they will fit in there. Doing this will ensure that you have the tools whenever you need them.

Floor and carpet cleaning solutions

To ensure that your floors and carpets are clean, it is a good idea to have some carpet and floor cleaning solutions in your cleaning closet. These solutions are available in the market, or you can simply use DIY solutions like castile soap.

With a well-arranged cleaning closet, you can rest assured that you will always find the right cleaning solution or tool whenever you need one.

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