Keeping your home clean is mandatory. Everyone has their own way of cleaning their houses. However; a lot has been said as far as home cleaning is concerned. Some cleaning myths have been passed from one family generation to another. In some cases, those myths work perfectly well in helping us keep our homes tidy while others fail miserably.

Here are 6 common home cleaning myths;

  1. Vinegar cleans everything

Vinegar is great and very effective when it comes to cleaning stuff. Over the years vinegar has gained popularity in many homesteads for its versatility. As a result, some people have developed a belief that vinegar can be used to clean nearly everything. Well; it does clean a lot of things but not entirely everything. In fact, its acidic nature has a reputation for damaging wood and natural stone surfaces. It’s good in killing bacteria and eradicating dirt. It is however wise to consult professional home cleaning professionals like Flat Rate Maids for advice before using it.

  1. Vacuum cleaners damage carpets

This is an argument that most Tucson house cleaning contractors have all heard from homeowners. It is actually one of the ridiculous home cleaning myths that most people think is true. On the contrary vacuuming, your carpet regularly will protect your carpet from damages. It also prolongs its life span while eradicating all abrasive dirt from your precious carpet.

  1. Newspapers are perfect for glass and windows cleaning

The use of newspapers for glass and windows cleaning is very common. Almost every homeowner has used this cleaning method at some point. The reality is that newspapers are tremendous absorbents making them perfect alternatives for the normal cleaning cloths. Even Tucson vacation rental cleaning experts recommend them for easy windows cleaning.

  1. More soap/detergent equate to more cleanliness

People tend to think that more is better in regard to detergents and soaps. The truth is that this is a common misconception among homeowners. Quantity does not always yield the desired cleaning outcome. It’s actually wasteful to use excessive cleaning soaps or detergents because it means using more water to rinse.

  1. Bleach a perfect all round cleaner

As the leading Tucson maid service providers, we have had to answer numerous questions on bleach as a cleaning solution. We have had a hard time convincing some customers that bleach does not literally clean anything since it’s a sanitizer. It’s one of the most effective disinfectants used in many homes. It’s perfect for dealing with stubborn stains and killing bacteria but not cleaning.

  1. Cleaning solutions solve problems instantly

At Flat Rate Maids, we recommend our clients to use quality cleaning solutions. Nonetheless, we are quick to add that cleaning solutions need to be given enough time to be effective. Unfortunately, most people are misguided to believe and expect them to solve their cleaning problems instantly. Cleaning solutions need about 5 minutes to react and take effect.


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