Summer temperatures can be overwhelming for most people. Consequently; they seek refuge in their houses. However, retreating indoors is not always a guarantee that everything will be cool. Sometimes the heat is unbearable indoors. Well; you can still manage to beat the summer heat in your home.

Here’s how;

  1. Seal all air leaks

It is recommended that you seal all air leaks to prevent cool air from escaping your house. Being the best Tucson maid service providers, Flat Rate maids have helped numerous homeowners get comfortable during summer. This is by sealing up crevices and cracks in doors or around windows edges to ensure that cool air remains indoors.

  1. Open doors and windows at night

During the day the sun can be scorching hot. When the night falls, the sun may be gone but its effects remain. Your house is bound to be hot due to the accumulation of warm air from daytime’s heat. It is, therefore, prudent to open doors and windows at night provided you don’t compromise your security. You can actually leave your most secure windows open overnight to allow fresh air circulation in your bedroom.

  1. Replace incandescent light bulbs

Consider replacing your energy inefficient incandescent light bulbs with LEDs to regulate your heat indoors. All experienced Tucson maid service companies recommend LED light bulbs as the best for summer heat. The last things you need in your home during summer period are bulbs that produce high heat levels. It will not only save you money but help you keep your home cool and conducive during summer.

  1. Invest in fans

You can manage to beat summer heat if you invest in quality fans. The good thing about fans is that you can control your room temperatures as you wish. You can either invest in a ceiling or the usual flexible floor mounted fans to keep your home cool. As the most experienced  move in /move out cleaning services in Tucson we recommend that you reverse your ceiling fan’s spin for maximum coolness.Alternatively,you can have your fan facing outside for effectiveness.

  1. Drink lots of water

Summer heats can lead to dehydration. It is, therefore, imperative to keep your water refrigerated to help you beat the heat. Drinking cold water will play a significant role in keeping your body temperatures low. By drinking more water your summer will be more bearable for you when indoors.


With the right ideas, you can make your summer period comfortable and worthwhile. Consider using the above tips to beat summer heat effectively.

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