How you furnish your home makes a statement about your personality. You may invest in expensive and high-quality furniture but fail in taking care of them resulting in intensive damages.

Here are essential furniture care tips for your consideration

  1. Vacuum upholstered furniture

One of the best furniture care tips you should consider using is Vacuum cleaning your upholstery. Doing it the right way will not only help you get rid of stains but prolong your furniture fabrics life. It is, however, advisable to involve a professional cleaner to avoid damages. There are numerous competent move in/move out cleaning service companies in Tucson ready to help you out. Vacuum cleaning works perfectly well in retaining your furniture’s fabrics color and texture. All you need to do is contact Fixed Rate Maids to have your upholstery cleaned and dried.

  1. Invest in quality upholstery cleaning products

Maintaining your state of the art furniture does not come very cheap. Nothing good comes without making sacrifices. If you are willing to clean your upholstery yourself consider investing in quality upholstery cleaning products. Remember cheap is expensive. It is imperative to consult a trustworthy Tucson house cleaning expert when buying cleaning products. This will save you from incurring huge losses as a result of using wrong or poor quality upholstery cleaning solutions on your stylish furniture.

  1. Avoid Direct Sunlight

While some Tucson maid services companies have invested in high-end drying tools, homeowners opt for the sun. That’s okay and practical. However; extreme sunlight may result in faded furniture fabrics. It is best to consider using hair dryers to speed up the drying process than leaving your furniture in direct sunlight throughout the day.

  1. Read directions

The least you can do before cleaning your furniture is to read the directions on your upholstery fabrics. Most tags are neatly tucked on cushions for reference. Don’t shy from calling any Tucson vacation cleaning rental professionals if you fail to find instructions on your upholstery. That single call can save you from losing thousands of dollars in losses. Alternatively, visit your furniture’s website for help online.

  1. Spend on professional furniture cleaner

Some stains can be so tough to clean. When faced with such a challenge, the smartest move would be to pay professional furniture cleaner to do the job. The advantage of working with credible cleaners is that you are guaranteed of getting value for your money. Nevertheless, do not entrust your expensive upholstery’s care to just any furniture cleaner. Find only the best in the business; Fixed Rate Maids.


You can take tremendous care of your furniture using the above effective cleaning tips. In case of problems seek help from reputable upholstery cleaning professionals.

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