One of the common questions I have encountered recently is how to care for the toilet brush. One of the most essential tools when cleaning the toilet is the toilet brush. Unfortunately, not many of us know exactly how to care for the toilet brush. This means that the brush will not serve you properly and it will always gross you out whenever you think of cleaning the toilet. I am going to teach you how to care for your bathroom and the toilet brush and end the gross-out.

Ensure that each bathroom has a toilet brush

Commonly, most homeowners have a single toilet brush for all the bathrooms. This means that the toilet brush will be worn out quite fast. Having a toilet brush in each bathroom makes it easier for you to clean the toilet and the brush as well.

Use your cleaner of choice.

When cleaning your toilet, you can make your own cleaner. I will not recommend a particular cleaner because we all have our personal tastes and preferences. Always remember to use a disinfectant solution that does not destroy the toilet bowl.

Scrub thoroughly and flush

To make sure that the toilet bowl is clean, you need to scrub it thoroughly in and under the seat. Repeat this until you are confident that it is indeed clean like you want it to be. Then flush and rinse the toilet brush with clean water.

Put the toilet brush to dry.

Once you have rinsed the toilet brush with clean water, put it under the toilet seat and let it dry. Storing the brush with water can cause the brush to produce a bad smell. Therefore, ensuring that it is dry is essential. Once it is dry, spray the toilet brush with hydrogen peroxide to disinfect it. Then wait for the brush to dry before you can return it to its holder completely.

Wipe the toilet seat to remove any drops of water

When cleaning the toilet seat and bowl, you might spill the water on the seat and leaving the seat with drops of water is not hygienic. Therefore, use a dry towel to wipe off the water and keep it dry.

Now that you know how to care for the toilet brush, your bathroom should always remain clean and smelling fresh. Remember a clean toilet brush will enable you to do a good toilet cleaning job. It will make your work easier and enable you to clean those hidden areas like under the toilet seat.

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