Today, we will share daily tips on how to handle sink side trays. Indeed, these tips will assist you in keeping your sink neat and very tidy. First and foremost, there are certain items which help in making your sink organized. They include the following.

A Tray

The tray assists in keeping off water and drips from your counter. Basically, tray contains your items, making them look organized.

A scrubber

Every sink is required to have a scrubber. The type of scrubber is determined by the dish you intend to wash. They are different types of scrubbers such as the bubble up, and a glass cleaner.

The container for holding a Scrubber.

If you are involved in dishwashing, it is advisable to have a scrubber or a sponge. The container for storing the scrubber assist in saving space as it utilizes the vertical storage.

Hand soap, counter spray, and a dish soap

The three things assist in making your sink smell nice. The scent brings festivity in the kitchen, and you enjoy the stay in the kitchen.

After obtaining these components make sure you organize them by placing them next to your sink. Then put a towel on your sink and it will assist in keeping your sink tidy.

Cleanliness of your sink is of much importance so make sure you follow these tips below.

Clean it out every day.

Washing your sink daily may sound excessive, but the regular cleaning is the most appropriate way to keep the germs away. For daily cleaning make use of gentle soap and hot water. After washing your sink wait for it to dry as bacteria cannot survive on a dry surface

Remove the Disposal

Make sure you remove the old food scraps as they cause bacteria to thrive. When eliminating the disposal make sure you use cold water. After every two weeks pop citrus and vinegar ice cubes in the sink as they remove the putrid odor.

Don’t keep dishes for long in the sink

Give your dishes a quick rinse as it will assist in getting rid of bacteria which tends to attract pest. Also, if possible let your dishes be air dry instead of using a towel as they are the host of bacteria.

Polish your Sink

Make sure after washing the utensils clean your sink. If for example your sink is made of steel avoid using abrasive cleaners. Use baking soda and a soft sponge and gently scrub. It will assist in keeping off bacteria.
In conclusion, make sure to apply the following tips, and you will maintain the cleanliness of your sink.

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