If you passionately in need of making the DIY cleaners or perhaps color your existing cleaner to make it adorable and more original, actually what you need is just a variety of food colors. Only a drop is necessary for a complete clean. Basically, you do not want to paint the bathtub therefore just a drop is enough.

To achieve amazing results, you will need tints to spray bottles and sprayers together with food coloring. In my opinion, the food coloring gel is more appropriate. More so a calibrated measuring cylinder is a requirement to ensure food coloring and water are mixed correctly. Stir using a toothpick and verify there is no color by spraying the mixture on a paper towel.
The use of Naturally available resources;

Also, use of resources at hand is a big boost; you can mix rubbing alcohol, water and kitchen soap. These are just available resources that you can get easily instead of the higher priced ingredients. Your DIY cleaners, in the end, will be left sparkling. The procedure is direct, all needed is adding a quarter of the rubbing alcohol, a three-quarter of water that is three cups, a couple of squirts of kitchen soap and if you find it necessary, you can add some ten drops of oils as well. The rubbing alcohol works as a dryer, and a disinfecting agent. It also makes the DIY shine. Oils are essential for giving the mixture a lovely smell and contain antibacterial. Mix the ingredients and shake before spraying the liquid. The outcome is awesome.

Produce Wash

It is another alternative option of washing your DIY cleaners. It is an efficient method since all the dirt is removed. The procedure of coming up with produce wash is simple. You just need a cup of water, two tablespoons of baking soda and a cup of white vinegar. When cleaning the cleaners place, the add produce wash in a bowl as it will make the cleaning easier. Then spray and leave it for about ten minutes. It gives excellent results since vinegar, and baking soda is safe when washing the DIY cleaners.

Vodka spray.

I refer this as the most straightforward method ever, you need to try it. All you only need here in this method is a spraying bottle. Add the cup of distilled water plus the colorless vodka without flavor. If you deem fit, you can add your favorite essential oils; calming ones are best in this case. Use as you wish.

In conclusion, cleaners are in variety as I have just outlined. Choose the one you prefer most to give some love to your DIY cleaners.

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