Without a doubt, leather furniture is more presentable and very expensive. They add a touch of elegance to your house. To keep a leather couch in good condition, one has to take absolute care when it comes to cleaning. Leather adds class to your house and it can remain that way only if the right steps are followed during cleaning. Below are the steps involved in keeping leather furniture clean.

Step 1

The first step is to dust off dust and loose debris from the couch using a vacuum cleaner. The vacuum cleaner should be outfitted with a brush attachment for better results. During this process, most people forget the hidden areas such as between the cushions. The couch should be wiped with a microfiber or cotton cloth. One should be careful not to scratch the couch with the plastic attachment in the vacuum.

Step 3

In case your couch was lightly soiled, the use of mild all natural soap is advised. You may want to avoid harsh soaps that contain substances such as Sodium Laurel Sulfate. These kinds of soaps cause the leather to dry out and lose its appealing nature.
Sometimes leather falls victim to mold and mildew. Then, in such situations, a solution of vinegar and water is recommended. Spray the solution lightly. Vinegar is a common household name when it comes to home cleaning remedies. Vinegar acts as a disinfectant.

Step 4

After the job is done, it is always good to condition the leather using vinegar and flaxseed oil or linseed oil. Use leather cleaners to avoid stripping away the natural oils that prevent leather from cracking.

In conclusion, stains can be easily removed without damaging the material. Grease stains should be wiped with a dry cloth and in case it has dried up, you can use a baking soda to draw the grease out. However avoid using water as it helps the grease to soak into the couch. For ink stains, alcohol can be used.

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