House cleaning can be cumbersome for many homeowners. Actually, many end up making common cleaning mistakes. Consequently, and it leads to damaged surfaces, furniture, carpets among others.

Here are some of the most common cleaning mistakes;

  1. Not Cleaning Your Toilet Brush

This is one of the most committed cleaning mistake homeowners do. It is important to ensure that you remember to clean your toilet brush before slipping it back to its zone. This is a very useful tool that facilitates your toilet cleaning effectively. Leaving it dirty and full of bacteria makes no sense. It is much better when it’s disinfected and rinsed intensively before hanging it to dry.

  1. Thinking more is better

Many people tend to think that more is better but it’s never the case. The good thing about reaching out to your local Tucson house cleaning contractor is that you get the job done professionally. Therefore consider letting a professional sort out that stubborn stain on your carpet, walls or floor instead of worsening it with excessive detergents. It is better to part with a few dollars than have to replace your entire carpet after damaging it with cleaning solutions.

  1. Using the wrong tools/products

Flat Rate Maids cleaners have always encouraged homeowners to seek for opinions from cleaning experts whenever they are unsure of which tools or products to use.Unfortunately,most people choose to ignore our plea until when it’s too late. It is important to avoid using wrong equipment and products to avert incurring substantial losses.

  1. Cleaning the windows when it’s sunny

According to experienced Tucson maid services owners, cleaning windows when it’s sunny is highly discouraged. The truth is that the sun dries your cleaning solution very fast leaving your windows with streaks which can be unpleasant. It is wise to let professionals take control of your windows cleaning for positive cleaning results.

  1. Scrubbing spills on carpets

This is not one of the smartest methods of getting rid of stubborn stains. In fact; it complicates your cleaning process. It does not help trying to scrub ice-cream or coffee spills on your carpet when it’s fresh. Instead, consider blotting the area with the right cleaning cloth until it dries. Consider contacting your move in/move out cleaning service in Tucson for help in case you are unable to eradicate your stain problem.

  1. Ignoring cleaning Instructions

Most people damage their property while cleaning them by themselves after failing to read fabrics directions. All Tucson vacation cleaning rental companies have at some point had to deal with damaged upholstery and carpets .In such cases; cleaners avert giving guarantees to avoid liabilities.


Leave house cleaning to professionals if you are unsure of how to approach it.Don’t wait until you incur huge losses to realize that Flat Rate Maids is dedicated to making your life stress free through premium cleaning services. Act now, not tomorrow.


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