A quick and simple tip may make things easier, make your life better and make a big difference in the long run. I will be sharing simple and helpful tips, suggestions and findings that I believe will make your life easier and better in your home. I will focus on tips which have been practiced and utilized for years with results of success. For instance, the use of bar mop towels instead of paper towels will save you money, and at the same time, you’ll have less waste. Merely put a container where you keep your paper towels and watch this habit form as you reduce your paper towel usage. Even better, bar mop towels clean your counters more efficiently and thoroughly.

Mostly, you could be addicted to paper towels and at the same time want to lower your expenses in your budget. Reducing your grocery costs may be an incentive and also trying to find better methods to make your kitchen sparkling clean. If you check on the following factors on paper towels you will consider reducing their usage and opt for other purposes which are useful, thorough and efficient:


Paper towels are costly. They are expensive to buy and the fact that they are non-reusable, this implies that you will have to buy many of them or you will have to buy frequently. Notably, it’s a brilliant idea to avoid adding them on the shopping list.

Hazards Content

Primarily, paper towels will be white in color, and therefore they are likely to be bleached and may even be containing formaldehyde which is a chemical that may have effects on an individual’s health.


They are biodegradable. This means they do decay and therefore they can’t last for a long period. As such, they are waste when you use them daily. This needs either to be purchased in bulk or frequently which is money consuming.


Conventionally paper towels are made from trees. Making paper towels necessitates cutting trees which encourages deforestation. Essentially, bar mop towels offer an eco-friendly alternative.

Conclusively, no one is obliged to use the bar mop towels, but you can improvise the same by using microfiber cleaning cloths, flour sack towels or rags from cloths. Basically, the technique of using these alternatives are way better as they clean up counters more efficiently than paper towels. They can be used for various purposes and for a more extended period as long as you clean and dry them properly.

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