Cleaning vocational rental property is a must do if you want to ensure that your rental property receives guests on a regular basis. With plenty of professional cleaning companies on the market to choose from, there is no excuse for your accommodation facility to be cleaned in a poor manner. If you do not have the time to clean and maintain your vacation rental property, it is advisable to hire a professional cleaner. But if you decide to do it yourself, here are tips you need to consider:

Identify faulty areas

When cleaning vacation rental property, ensure that you check for dripping taps, lime scale, faulty and nonfunctional fixtures, patches of mold and a leaking roof. If you identify any of these, ensure that the problem is fixed before new tenants settle in.

Ensure that the AC and other heating systems are functioning

A vocational rental property without a working air conditioning or heating system will not attract many people as one with these accessories. Therefore, ensure that the air conditioners or the heating system is functioning properly and if it has a problem, it is fixed in the shortest time possible. Additionally, if you have other electrical appliances in the property, ensure that are regularly monitored to ensure that they are in proper working condition.

Clean plug holes and drains

No one would enjoy finding another person’s hair in the bathtub or sink or worse in the bed sheets. Therefore, once a customer vacates a room, ensure that it is thoroughly vacuumed and cleaned. Ensure that the drainage system is drained and unclogged, the sinks and bathtubs are also cleaned.

Wash the beddings and towels

A top notch cleaning of a vocational rental property must include washing of blankets, linen, bedding and towels. You should also have your duvets thoroughly cleaned and dried on a regular basis. The beddings should be aerated frequently to eliminate bad odor that may be caused by room dampness.

Clean the carpets and curtains

This is another area that you should focus on. Your vocational property will only attract more visitors if it has quality carpets and that the carpets are thoroughly cleaned. The curtains should also be cleaned and changed on a regular basis. If the property has an oven or chimney, ensure that they are also cleaned at least once or twice a month.

In summary, if you find it hard to comprehensive clean your vacation rental property, you should consider hiring a professional cleaner to do the job for you.

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