There are so many cleaning supplies and tools used every day, and I aim to organize them to make it easy for you to access what you actually need and what would be helpful to you to make your cleaning more fun. I will share with you fantastic storage solutions for your products which will transform your closet for good.

The first thing to consider when planning for an organized storage idea is to evaluate your space to see what you need or what you would like to change. Put considerations at the main points which are not working as you desire and then figure out which would be the perfect way to organize and reorganize them. This may call for organizing your space a couple of times until you settle on one particular setting that you feel is perfect.

Lazy Susan Turntables

Usually, very useful in keeping used sprays and cleaning ingredients. They are ideal storage equipment as they keep items grouped together while giving you easy access to every product. This helps to free up more space and organized planning.

Large Wire Baskets

Large wire baskets are ideal for all items including large items that you have primarily because of their shape and size. They have well-placed handles which enable natural movement with the basket. In fact, they can be kept on the high shelves because they can easily be accessed and handled. Additionally, they can be used for storing so many things like floor care, clothes that need to be cleaned or those that are dry.

Small Wire Baskets

Small wire baskets can be used for storing bulk cleaning supplies. Due to their size, they fit in perfectly on the shelves, and they give a fabulous appearance to your room. You can also store cleaning cloths, microfiber cloths, bar mop towels or flour sack towels. Also, they are perfect for spray cleaners, empty glass bottles and floor mats to can fit in so well.


Caddies differ in sizes both small and large. Small caddies fit just a few products like wall mount brooms and mop holders while when you need to load quite some supplies for seasonal or deep cleaning, you will consider using large caddies. They hold stuff perfectly and keep everything well organized.

In conclusion, ideas to solutions of storage for a perfectly organized cleaning supply is endless. It could be a caddy, cupboard or such, we will consider what you have and improvise it to help you stay neat.

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