Daily meal preparation can be tough at times. Especially for those busy mums who come home late from work and even with time on your side, something might just come up that will prevent you from preparing the family dinner on time. Meal prep planning for the whole week is something that all mothers should embrace and try it out. It will save you time and energy when it comes to preparing meals for your family. Here are tips to get you started:

Plan your menu for the week

This will take you a few minutes because all you need is to think about what you and your family will eat. You will also need to create a grocery list. Your menu should include breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Lunch is not so important if no one is at home during the working days of the week. But for the weekend you will have to include lunch menu. The menu should include a balanced diet with fruits and vegetables.

Do your grocery shopping

Armed with your grocery list, go to the local grocery shop and buy your groceries. It is always a good idea to shop on the weekends when you have time. Buy every little thing you will need from spices to vegetables to fruits.

Make a list of every ingredient you will need

When making your grocery list, make sure that you also make a list of every ingredient you will need for the entire week. You should also include utensils that you will need that you do not have at the moment. When making the list remember to include the quantity you think will be enough for the whole week.

Gather all your ingredients and utensils

With all the ingredients bought and the food items available, gather them and place them on the kitchen counter. Ensure that you also have foil and Ziploc bags close by. These items will help in storing the food items.

Follow the recipes

Some people arm themselves with a printed recipe book while others just use their cooking skills to come up with great recipes. Just follow every step of the recipe to cook your dishes. Work with the timer to ensure that the food items cook well. Give each food item adequate time to cook fully and then let it cool down.

Store them in the refrigerator

Once the dishes are ready, carefully cover the food using the foil and store them in food containers and keep them in the refrigerator. Do not place food in the fridge while they are hot. Give them a few minutes to cool down then store them.

You can save up a lot of time and energy when you prepare food for the whole week during the weekends. Just get the required food items, follow your recipe and prepare your meals.

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