Most people struggle juggling work and keeping their homes sparkling clean due to lack of adequate time. Resultantly, they either enlist a professional cleaning service or keep postponing the general cleaning process and risk compromising their own health. With hundreds of professional cleaning services offering affordable, reliable and dedicated regular and one-off cleaning services, taking advantage of such experts makes lots of sense for many busy homeowners.

What’s the main difference between regular and one-off cleaning services?

  1. Regular cleaning services

Regular cleaning services are mainly provided on a daily, fortnightly, weekly or monthly basis depending on individual requirements. This kind of cleaning service includes ironing, washing laundry, cleaning kitchen appliances/utensils, dusting the floors/walls, vacuuming carpets/rugs/leather furniture/, deep cleaning of bathrooms/bedrooms/kitchen, making beds and much more. Generally, Regular cleaning services are ideal for areas that require being cleaned on a regular basis.

Some areas in our homes are more prone to allergens, bacteria, and dust and germ build-up than others. When this is the case, it is essential to enlist a trustworthy regular cleaning services company like Flat Rates Maids to take care of business on your behalf. Professional experts engaging in this sort of service are required to deliver their expertise according to the homeowners set frequencies. Both parties can either sign contracts or work through verbal mutual agreements with each required to keep their part of the bargain without unnecessary inconveniences.

  1. One off cleaning services

This type of cleaning service refers to an extensively executed one-time cleaning and deep treatment of precise zones in your home. One –Off cleaning services are mainly done after or before an event. This specific service entails cleaning windows, light switches, frames, knobs, kitchen appliances, light switches, dusting surfaces, scrubbing walls/floors and much more. Homeowners have the option of setting their individual cleaning priorities depending on the agreed total number of hours. One—Off cleaning services costs are determined according to various factors such as specific areas that need a thorough cleaning, size of your home, the condition of your property and extra services you may require.

This service is ideal when moving into a new apartment or after moving out. It is always important to ensure that you leave the place sparkling clean for the next tenant after moving into a new home. The good thing about one off cleaning services is that they allow homeowners to gauge the professionalism, reliability, expertise, and integrity of respective professional cleaning experts they hire. Ultimately, it gives them a unique chance to decide whether to use them regularly or not.

Get in touch with Flat Rates Maids for both regular and One-Off cleaning services. We pride ourselves in keep your homes clean professionally while you attend to other important things without jeopardizing your loved one’s health and well-being.

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