We love to live in a clean and healthy environment. Your home is like your paradise, and you need to keep it clean at all times. This means that your floors, carpets, tiles, walls, the furniture, and other amenities are clean. When it comes to cleaning the floor, a majority of homeowners are torn between knowing when to vacuum the floors and when to wash the floors. Well sometimes you might think vacuuming alone is okay and there are those moments you feel that it is good to clean the floors. Well, I am going to help you figure out when to vacuum and when to wash the floors.

Daily maintenance

There are things you must do on a daily basis. For example, you must check the floors on a daily basis. Checking, in this case, means checking and sweeping the kitchen floor and even the dining area to remove dirt and food particles that might have fallen while cooking or while eating. If you see anything on the floor that requires either quick vacuuming or sweeping, do not hesitate to clean it. Daily maintenance is not a full-floor cleaning process. It is just removing what is needed to be removed from the floor.

Vacuuming day/Wednesday

A good number of homeowners tend to do thorough cleaning and maintenance of their homes over the weekends. This is because this is when they have adequate time to do a thorough cleaning process. Wednesday is appropriate for vacuuming because on Monday you will just do the routine daily maintenance and then on Tuesday you will dust the floor. To ensure that you completely get rid of the dust, it is a good idea to vacuum on Wednesday.

Floor washing day (Thursday)

Some people tend to vacuum and wash the floors at the same time. However, this method works best for those who have the time to do all that. But if you do not have adequate time, you can just vacuum and wash on separate days. I wash the floors on Thursdays to ensure that the floors are thoroughly clean after vacuuming them on Wednesday.

Thorough cleaning day (Saturday)

You can choose to either thoroughly clean your house on Saturday or Sunday depending on your daily schedule or plan. Thorough cleaning means performing both vacuuming and washing of the floors, walls, shelves, cabinets, and tiles. Ensure that during this process, you clean each and every corner of the house including the garage. Thoroughly cleaning your home over the weekend reduces the extent to which you will be required to either vacuum or wash the floors during the weekdays.
To live in a healthy and clean house, you need to come up with a cleaning pattern that lets you wash and vacuum the floors on separate days.

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