In a house with kids especially of different ages, cleaning and decluttering may seem a challenging task. Is your schedule very tight all day with errands to run, being at work all day, or even being at home but with various chores to do? Well, with a number of kids, for example, three, who are at different ages and at different stages of their growth, I know many factors come into play to ensure things are not only done well but also remain well planned when the kids get up in the morning. I can show you it is possible to declutter even if you have kids and get your children involved in decluttering. It is beneficial to you and to your kids.

Clutter can be overwhelming. It is known to affect our moods making us have negative feelings about our homes. Research has shown that it can actually cause depression. I will offer you a straightforward and comfortable way to organize your stuff such that you remove the unnecessary items and there is less stuff for you to clean up.

Proper organization of stuff saves a lot of time in cleaning and house decoration. This trick helps to keep every item in a particular place, and you don’t have to waste time looking for anything. For example, if it is a kitchen appliance, you will know where it is, and you locate it easily and quickly.
It’s not easy to declutter especially with the kids around mostly because of their emotional attachment to some items. Also, the kids need your full attention, and you could be exhausted. However, when you put your mind to do it you will feel better and finding your stuff first will save you a lot of time and energy.

If you have a little child, you can do small decluttering projects while the kid is asleep or if they are awake keep them occupied. Set some time every day and this will go a long way to declutter bit by bit. For bigger children, getting them involved in the process is helpful for them as it is for you. You will be instilling important values, for example, if it is toys or clothes they no longer use, suggest to pack and donate to a local charity or give to a younger sibling or friend, or you can have a bin they can place something they don’t need.

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