Mopping is not every homeowner’s favorite chore. Until you realize that your floors are becoming a bit untidy. Dirty floors can make your whole house to feel unpleasant. With household members getting in and out of the house every now and then, footprints, dirt and even durst is something you will see every day. Therefore, to ensure that you keep a clean and tidy house, cleaning your floor should be something you have to do on a regular basis. Here are tips on how to clean your floors and keep them clean:

Vacuum floors once a week

Vacuuming enables you to eliminate dust and any other debris before they build up. You should vacuum from top to bottom to ensure a thoroughly clean house. However, you should use the right attachment for the flooring type of your home. For example, if you have hardwood flooring, you should not use a roller brush attachment. This is because it will scratch and destroy the texture of your floor.

Avoid mopping hardwood floors on a regular basis

It is not advisable to mop your hardwood flooring every now and then. This is because moisture can easily damage the hardwood. And if you have to mop it, always use a spray mop to enable you to control the amount of water and soap that goes on the floor. When cleaning wooden floors, you can use a mop that has a microfiber attachment because it is gentle and does not damage the texture of the floor.

Have a no-shoe policy indoors

If you want to keep your floors clean, you need to have ideas to keep them tidy. No-shoe policy inside the house is one way to ensure that your floors stay clean and tidy. Shoes carry a lot of dirt and debris from the outside into the house and particularly onto the floor. Encourage each member of your household to remove and leave their shoes at the doorway.

Set up doormats at every entry point

If it is hard to have your household members remove their shoes before entering the house, you can place doormats in entryways; going to the kitchen, bathroom, and toilet. This will enable them to wipe off their shoes before entering the house and when they leave the bathroom or toilet with water under their feet.

Do not use caustic cleaners

You might be tempted to use harsh cleaning solutions to clean your floors with. As much as these cleaning agents may prove to be effective, they damage the surface of your floor and will leave it rough. Ordinary soap and water are adequate enough to enable you clean and keep your floors clean.

A clean home is welcoming and quite relaxing. The best way to ensure that you live in a clean home is by thoroughly cleaning your floors and keeping them tidy at all times.    

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