It can be dreadful for some parents when they see the kids come back from school and papers flood in. This happens mostly in the last weeks towards closing the school when all the papers start to come home. Isn’t it a bad feeling to know that it’s something you can’t avoid? However, worry less and instead use a simple method to file your kids’ papers and artworks for the whole year.

This method is proved feasible even for a person with many kids in different stages of schooling. It is a cool idea to keep your kids work organized, you can imagine having papers scattered all over or stuffed unorganized. Children may have an emotional attachment to some of the papers they did exceptionally well or an artwork they did for the first time or did very nicely and keeping it well helps them retain the memory or to retrieve in case they need it for future reference quickly.

I have a few rules that you can apply. However, they are not entirely set in stone and you can improve or come up with your own. Keep anything with hand or fingerprints, limit the papers you choose to file by having a yearly folder. Consider the following essentials for organizing kids’ papers and memorabilia:

Stackable Letter Tray

This is used to keep daily stuff and those which may need attention but at a later date. Let the kids have their own tray and be in charge of what they choose to put. When it gets full, this is when you can go through it together sorting the papers and retaining only the most important ones. This helps a lot in keeping the papers off the counters and also out of the bottom of backpacks.

Covered File Box

You can have every kid with a covered file box with file holders each to hold stuff for a year. Maybe to differentiate, each kid can have folders each with their own color. Within a year you can help the kid put individual papers. This forces retaining only a few selections of favorites, therefore, reducing their load of papers.


This serves well for the significant artworks or pictures which may not fit in the boxes. This serves as a good reference point for future with the kids and to enjoy the growth of their artwork.

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