Here’s another great tip aiming to make your life better and make the big difference you may be looking for at this particular time in your life. I will share with you tips, suggestions and findings on habits which you can implement and make things in your house easier.

It is not easy to develop a good habit but attaching one habit to another is a good way to begin and form a new habit which lasts for a long. There are such habits you have developed and are already doing for example: carrying your phone, keys, wallet or purse when are going somewhere, putting one load in the washer and the other move it to the dryer when doing your laundry or even flossing your teeth after you brush. When you link these actions to each other the brain gets a more natural reminder to the point of doing them seamlessly.

In this article, I will give the tip of empty the dishwasher as the coffee is brewing. One of the tasks you can easily do in the morning. Mostly, in the morning it could be a great time to do these tasks combined to save time and also you could be in a hurry to catch a bus on time, take children to school, go for a meeting on time or get to work.

Amidst of other chores you would be doing in the morning emptying the dishwasher could be one of your most dreaded chores, but you can follow this process to do things with utmost ease. Start the coffee brewer, and as you wait for the coffee getting ready, you could be unloading the dishwasher. You will notice that brewing a cup of coffee or boiling water to make a cup of tea will take almost the same time as emptying the dishwasher. The two tasks take around two to three minutes. This will give you a good chance two do both of them at once and finish at almost the same time.

This gives you a great way to start off your day having uniquely accomplished simple tasks. This builds up your confidence to even carry out bigger tasks in your day ahead. This encourages combining other tasks and save time. It also ensures that your kitchen will stay sparkling clean. Moreover, you will sit to enjoy your cup of coffee or tea while still hot with no worries of another task awaiting you yet to be done. Reach us on our website

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