Most parents have developed a way of making their children happy through gifts and plush toys. Interestingly, a high number of young ones become physically and emotionally attached to their toys. You will find them hugging their favorite teddy bears while sleeping or playing. As a result of this, these stuffed animals become a safe haven for bacteria, dirt, germs and other allergens. The best way of keeping your children safe and healthy as a parent is by ensuring that their stuffed animals are cleaned on a regular basis.

Here are several ideas on how to clean delicate stuffed animals

  1. Air Vacuum Method

This method is particularly perfect for cleaning very delicate stuffed toys that need an extreme makeover. Some plush toys require being cleaned without heat or water in order to maintain them. Don’t forget that some of these stuffed toys can actually be flammable. With that in mind, there is wisdom in reading their washing labels properly to avoid ruining them extensively or even risking your family’s safety. Thorough air vacuum cleaning will leave them clean, smelling fresh and safe for your kids

  1. Washing Machine & Dryer Method

One of the best ways of cleaning delicate stuffed animals without damaging them is through the use of washing machines and dryer methods. Contrary to many people’s beliefs that washing machines extensively damage plush toys, it’s safe to use this tactic when cleaning stuffed animals. For convenience and effectiveness purposes, it is extremely important to read their labels carefully before loading them into your washing machine. Some plush toys are more likely to be washer friendly while others are not. Remember to use adequate softeners to maintain their huggable feel after cleaning.

  1. Hand Wash Method

This old-fashioned method is ideal for delicate stuffed toys that you do not have the courage to gamble with. The interesting thing about using this method is that it gives you the power to either wash the specific dirty areas or the whole toy effectively. The secret to having sparkling, safe and well-maintained stuffed toys lies in rinsing them thoroughly before hanging them to dry.

  1. Home Dry Clean Method

Consider cleaning more delicate stuffed toys such as teddy bears, plush cats, and dogs via the home dry clean method. Nevertheless, you have to be extremely careful before throwing such toys in your washer and dryer to avoid damaging them. Some of these stuffed toys have plastic parts such as noses and eyes which are vulnerable to heat. Having said that, consider going through their cleaning instructions labels carefully before cleaning them in order to reduce risks of destroying the toys.

Additionally, you can also clean delicate stuffed animals by tossing them in baking soda, surface-wash them or enlist the services of our highly qualified, skilled and reputable cleaning experts at Flat Rates Maids.

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