Tasks at home can be overwhelming especially when it is mom’s job and not the family responsibility. However, there are some tasks that your kids can help you out with. These are chores and skills that children ought to learn before they can settle on their own. For instance, depositing and withdrawing money from an account is a skill whereas cleaning the dishes is a chore that children need to learn at an early age.

Every child matures at a different pace. As a result, ensure that you always adjust to what your child can do. Here is a guide reflecting chores many children in specific age ranges can complete and may help them succeed in personal and family responsibility:

Don’t insist on perfection.

We are not perfect and so are children while they are doing their chores. Insist on progress and have a better and relaxing approach to how well your kids do the tasks. Mclntire notes that “It is not okay when you may have a struggle on your hands and jump in and do it for them. He goes ahead to insist that you should not as that will undermine the whole progress. As a parent, you must be specific with instructions, for instance, put all your toys in the toy box, or put your books on the shelf.

Avoid delaying.

Do not assume that your child is too young to carry out a task. In fact, children are more capable than you think. Surprisingly, children can do a lot of chores at early age. For instance, they can get the clothes to the laundry; clean up after dinner which is so fascinating.   Do not hold for too long thinking that they ought to be ready first, grant them the opportunity since they learn by doing.

Positive reward.

Do not wait forever to praise your child while attending to a chore. Give the praise immediately and encourage the child when the chore is ongoing. It is the will of every parent to build a positive momentum as well as confident in his/her child. Additionally, be consistent with your compliments to nurture the right behavior into a habit. Do not scold the child or yell, have him/her cooperate regularly and in a loving manner.

Make a chores chart.

It’s incredible what a list can do to keep the family going. By having your children pick the chores they love most makes it fun.  Once they choose the duties, create a chart with at least three columns showing a chore for each child according to age, the deadline of the chore and a check mark on completion of the duty. Additionally, they do the tasks willingly and learn at every stage of doing the chore. In fact, once they complete, you will be astonished how well they accomplish the jobs they love. Put the chart where every child can see and follow through their assignments.

Children will learn chores and skills by observing. Always make a point to demonstrate step by step than have them practice. Additionally, do not micromanage them since once they master the chore, they will do it on their own.

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