Your bathrooms and toilets are very sensitive rooms. It is best to keep them clean at all times. Many people encounter problems during cleaning time as a result of lack of the right ideas.

Here are 5 important cleaning tips to get you started;

  1. Sink and Faucet

Home cleaning is all about being well organized and prepared. When considering cleaning your bathroom/ toilet it is important to start with the sinks and faucets. You should be able to clean all the knobs, drains, countertops, faucet base and basin effectively using the right cleaning solutions. Consider using disinfectants to kill bacteria and a grout brush to prevent bad smell.

  1. Vacuum and dust your mats or carpets

This is one of the most cumbersome but effective bathroom cleaning tips. Consider hiring a professional home cleaning service to get take care of your carpets and mats. Sometimes it is inevitable to avoid staining the toilet/bathroom mats and carpets. It is, therefore, imperative to invite Fixed Rate Maids the best Tucson house cleaning company to ease the burden from your life.

  1. Toilet and toilet brush

Tucson maid services are always an option for busy homeowners. Cleaning your entire home can be tricky business when you have limited time. However, you cannot afford to fail in maintaining toilet cleanliness. It is, therefore, advisable to disinfect and clean your toilets bowl intensively using a toilet brush to scour under the rim for maximum cleanliness. It is wise to consider giving cleaning solutions about 10 mins to take effect before scrubbing and rinsing. Remember to disinfect, shake and rinse the toilet brush before slipping it back to its holder.

  1. Tub and Tile

As the leading move in/move out cleaning services in Tucson, we recommend using warm or hot water to loosen dirt when cleaning toilet/bathroom tub and tiles. This will make scrubbing the dirt and stains easier and less time consuming. Extreme care should be applied when using soapy water to avoid injuries due to slipping or falling down. Rinse the tubs and tiles intensively before wiping them dry.

  1. Mirror

A mirror is very significant in every bathroom/toilet. There are several ways of cleaning them. You can start with spraying the mirror surface using antibacterial solutions before rubbing them with a soft cleaning cloth. After its clean consider using a dry cloth or newspaper to dry your mirror.


Consider applying the above cleaning tips to make your bathroom/toilet more pleasant and comfortable. Should you encounter challenges getting it done, contact Fixed Rate Maids for high-quality house cleaning services.

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