Carpets play an important role in our houses and offices. They provide warmth by absorbing cold from the ground. Their softness helps protect our feet from the rough nature of the floor. Carpets also make cleaning easier. Regardless of all these qualities, how many times do you wash your carpet? What types of methods do you use? Carpets need to be cleaned regularly. Cleaning carpets keep us safe from bacteria and keeps away bugs. There are several cleaning methods which are categorized into two, dry cleaning and wet cleaning methods.

Dry cleaning methods

The aim of dry cleaning method is to allow no moisture or very low moisture from being absorbed by the carpet during cleaning. There are two ways that can help achieve this;

  • Dry cleaning using an absorbent compound

Powder, special solvents and cleaning agents are spread all over the carpet and then worked into the carpet’s fiber by a machine fitted with counter rotating brushes. The purpose of the powder is to absorb soil particles from the carpet. This method is very simple and saves a lot of time since it only takes 20 minutes or so to dry.

  • Dry foam cleaning method

Just like in the above method, cleaning agents are spread to the carpet to suspend the dirt and debris which is then whipped into a foam. The foam is worked into the fibers and then extracted with a vacuum cleaner.

Wet methods

They include;

  • Steam extraction carpet cleaning.

This mode of cleaning is highly recommended for heavily soiled carpets from spills or pet problems. It involves the use of hot water and cleaning agents under a variable pressure. This method is the best for annual cleaning since it is very through. The method can also be used during regular cleaning of the carpet. However, the steam extraction carpet cleaning take a lot of time given that the carpet can take up to 18 hours to dry.

  • Cleaning with absorbent

Commonly known as bonnet cleaning, the method is used for regular cleaning and routine light maintenance. The procedure is very simple; first, you vacuum your carpet then you spray a chemical solution to the carpet. The solution is allowed to stay for a while for it to react. The upside to this method is that it is simple, fast and cheap. This method is suitable for cleaning slightly soiled carpets.
Applying these methods will keep your house clean and help you avoid problems such as flea attacks and spotty carpet full of stains.

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